Playful vintage designs on glass plates. 

Handcrafted solo pieces & sets.

What is WallWare?

Buying from WallWare stands for purchasing original wall art decoration. It gives your interior that extra where it is entitled to. We develop for private customers and companies. Our products are suitable for personal living spaces such as kitchen, living room, bedroom. For companies we dress the hall, offices, waiting rooms etc. In short, WallWare is handmade design for everyone.

Who are we?

WallWare was developed by Lotte & Rudi. Wife and Husband, mother and father of three.  Lotte is pedagogue and has a passion for creativity. Rudi has 20 years experience as a all round designer. They gave up their old job and decided to work together with a focus on developing beautiful designed products with a social value. That is their goal, that is what WallWare stands for.


Our collected Vintage imagery from around 19th century found in books, prints, and cards piled up and were ready to be used! WallWare also has a love for good spells and strong quotes. Sometimes a sentence, sometimes a single word that summarizes it all. One day we saw an old “delft blue” plate and the inspiration came so we just merged it all: Plate + vintage images + quote. We put it all together and we had a new nice looking product. In addition, we also found it important to striving for unity rather than chaos, so we drew carefully together some nice sets and solo plates. Our idea brought a long search for the right technique.

We were convinced and insisted, with result. Our collection of vintage images are digitally processed into a beautiful graphic design. These images are printed on different paper, fabrics and canvas with the finest UltraChrome Superior-quality ink and then mounted on handmade glas. The Glass Deco Plates are finished off with soft felt and a copper border. With every plate a hanger is included. The product is 100% handcrafted. The result is a design that feels just right in this design era.

Affordable and accessible design. Browse our webshop and get inspired!